Five benefits of swimming for mental health

One of the sports that best benefits our brain functioning and our mental health is swimming. Below we will tell you about it.

A very complete sport

Sport is an activity that allows great benefits for our physical health, but it is not only limited to that. Its TThe influence that playing sports has on people’s mental health has been widely documented.. But with the swimming A particular case occurs, being one of the most complete physical work sports and whose dynamics involve particular mental efforts, this sport is a true mental health ally.

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According to the Mexican portal, all the benefits of sport can be seen as long as they are practiced regularly. In the same direction, Santiago Veiga, technical director of the youth categories of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, in an interview with , stated that the management of emotions and the benefits on personal well-being are widely observable in this type of sport.

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Below we present five of its benefits for our emotional well-being.

Five benefits of swimming

  1. Optimal mood: this water sport stimulates the production of brain chemicals that make us feel pleased and to taste (endorphins).
  2. Good memory: The fluid dynamics that occur in swimming involve increased blood flow to the brain, so that the exercise of memory, concentration, focus is favored and other cognitive functions.
  3. Fight stress: he Breath control is a key element in swimming practice, this It implies that our nervous system is in a greater state of relaxation and counteracts stress levels. or anxiety that we may present.
  4. We learn better: As has been shown, swimming activates both cerebral hemispheres and their lobes, this helps to have a better and more active cognitive practice and learning is exercised in a more optimal way.
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