Biodecoding of Respiratory Problems: Understanding the Emotional Causes

If you often suffer from the flu, pneumonia, asthma, or some respiratory disease, you need to understand why the same symptoms are appearing over and over again. Through biodecoding of respiratory problems, you can help make the healing process of the condition much simpler and more effective. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know to stay healthy.

What Are Respiratory Problems Mean in Biodecoding?

The lungs are directly related to life, the desire to live, and be happy. This is because they are responsible for providing the necessary oxygen to the cells, which gives life to the human body.

It is not strange to say that respiratory diseases are caused by emotions, for example, asthma, whose triggering factor originates from emotions and feelings. For biodecoding, all diseases have a hidden emotion, which must be discovered so that it transcends and heals.

When dislikes and frustrations arise, they are drowned out, so people feel limited, and there is a blockage that does not allow what is appropriate to be done. Those who suffer from respiratory problems are afraid of death or disease.

Respiratory Diseases

When querying the biodecoding of the entire respiratory system, it is good to know which emotions affect the lungs because these are the most important organs of the body. If you have some respiratory problems, you should pay close attention because it is an important message.

If you suffer from asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, dyspnea, etc., that means in biodecoding that there is a deep fear in your being that is not letting you be happy. Situations may arise that are causing you pressure, and you may not know how to handle or resolve them.

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When it comes to specific respiratory problems, the following are some peculiarities that should be noted:

  • Asthma: The focus is on the way social relations develop. You may have difficulty letting go, let go, and be very possessive of people. This type of respiratory problem will also represent the need for one’s independence, to break one’s limits, and not know how to achieve it. That is why there is a feeling of suffocation, shortness of breath that must be addressed with decoding.
  • Bronchitis: There are feelings of anger when personal space and accomplishments are threatened by another person. This is very common in children of separated parents when one of them is in a relationship again. If you have this disease, consider taking things with greater joy and simplicity. Do not let yourself be affected so much by what happens in your circle of family and friends. Sometimes not everyone will agree.
  • Pneumonia/Pneumonia: By doing a biodecoding of pneumonia or pneumonia, it can be detected that the emotional causes of this are produced when there is something that irritates a lot and is deep in the being. Write down what is preventing that person from being happy. The advice would be to stop giving all your time to others and focus on yourself, especially reflect on the meaning of life to live it according to what you want.

Biodecoding of the Lungs

Now, as for a more general view, the diseases that are related to the lungs will have emotional causes in common: sadness and melancholy. These organs belong to the first and fourth embryonic stages: survival and relationship. When you are sad, the lungs are affected, when you have melancholy, there is an attachment, and that affects the lungs.

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Most lung problems are originally related to threat or loss of territory. Remember that it can be a real loss: I have lost my house, my job, my husband, wife, my son… or a symbolic loss: I am afraid of losing my house, my job, my husband, my son… The unconscious does not understand real or symbolic; it only understands the information that comes to him through the emotions that he feels.

How to Identify Respiratory Problems with Biodecoding

In the event that at this time, your lungs are not in harmony, you have to ask yourself what the conflict is that you feel. If there is a fear of dying, fear of losing territory, etc. If you feel anguish, anger, frustration, etc. Let’s look at examples of some emotional causes of breathing problems:

  • Bronchi: Resent:
    • Someone is invading my territory.
    • There are fights in my close circle.
    • I have obstacles that I must remove.
  • Pneumonia: Resent:
    • Anger.
    • Feeling like you don’t have space.
    • Tired of living.
    • Unhealed emotional wound.
  • Stain in the lung: Resent:
    • Fear that a person will die.
  • Suffocation-Lack of Air: Resent:
    • Feeling of fear.
    • Mistrust in life.
    • Stagnation in childhood.
  • Asthma: Resent:
    • Toxic atmosphere.
    • Feeling suffocated by others.
    • Territory feels threatened.
    • There is no protection from the family.

How to Get Rid of Emotions That Cause Breathing Problems

Now that you know what the causes and emotions that end in respiratory problems are, it is good to know some tips to follow to free yourself from those burdens. For this, it is necessary:

  • Feel empowered to understand and inspire life.
  • Let life flow.
  • Feel that you are worthy and live fully.
  • Reinforce that you have a vital and physical space to be happy.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Accept that you deserve happiness.
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Respiratory problems can be identified and treated by understanding the emotional causes behind them. Biodecoding can help in recognizing and addressing these emotions, leading to effective healing. By following the tips provided in this article, you can free yourself from any emotions that may be causing respiratory problems and live a happy and healthy life.