Why are women’s rights violated at home?

When we talk about violations of rights, we agree that all people are exposed and can be victims at any time in their lives.

Historically, it has been women who have seen their rights violated in different situations that intensify in periods of isolation such as the one generated around the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

These are the realities that many women are facing in times of isolation:

According to the ‘Solidarity’ study carried out by Profamilia, the 74% of women stated that during quarantine times their mental health was affected.

Caring for people at home.

During confinement, it was evident that the care of people at home fell, for the most part, to women. In the study mentioned above, 52% of women reported having dependents compared to 42% of men surveyed.

It may interest you:

3 out of 5 women felt tired.

The overload of domestic and care tasks, in addition to work responsibilities, increased this figure.

The gender gap also affects leisure.

Having time to entertain yourself is vital to maintaining a good state of physical and emotional health. As other tasks intensify, moments of leisure and distraction are limited for women.

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