Five keys to understanding ourselves and improving our self-esteem

Self-understanding plays a fundamental role in the process of developing healthy and optimal self-esteem. Here we tell you some keys to keep in mind.

Self-understanding and self-esteem

Self-esteem is, in general terms, the individual assessment that each person has of themselves. In that order of ideas, in our article we mentioned that self-esteem is not a stable idea that we form from ourselves, but everything a set of perceptions and behaviors what do you know they build in relation to our environment and our development inside this.

Self-esteem is a changing phenomenon over time and is formed by our personal history; Therefore, to have healthy self-esteem we need to allow ourselves to understand ourselves.

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Below, we give you some keys to do this. self-understanding process and start working on healthy self-esteem.

Five keys to the process

  1. Pay attention to your personal history: try analyze the way in which you have established emotional bonds, both early and during your personal development. This way it will be possible to determine some causes that can influence having adequate self-esteem, since will allow us to understand and accept ourselves.
  2. Analyze your attitudes towards yourself: the exercise of own analysis is essential when it comes to understanding and knowing each other and, thus, developing a healthy self-esteem. The practice of self-analysis and self-understanding be the basis for being aware of those attitudes we have towards ourselves and to determine the reason for them.
  3. Try to understand your behavior patterns: having analyzed the attitudes you have towards yourself and the possible causes that originate themyou can make a list of frequent behaviors and of situations in which they occur to better understand the way in which your self-esteem is developed relational and historical. So you can look for ways to heal what affected you in the development of your self-perception and create healthy bonds that allow you to better appreciate yourself in the future.
  4. Don’t judge yourself: this process of self discovery and understanding It can be accompanied by negative feelings towards yourself, when you have determined that you did not build some things in the best way. But we should not judge ourselves. All emotional development is relational, therefore it does not only depend on usso there is no point in judging us.
  5. Attend therapy: self-knowledge, analysis of our past and the understanding our emotional development and relational It is always easier if a psychology professional accompanies us. The guidance and accompaniment of a mental health professional can be of great help when discovering how we have built our self-assessment skills and thus be able to improve them.
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