Video games and their possible effects on the relationship

When playing video games is excessive it can affect our relationships. Here we tell you about the opinion of a specialist.

As we explain in our article, the World Health Organization A few years ago I included this addiction as a specific addiction disorderwith which, we know that this pathology in the mental health It is a reality that we should not ignore. Nevertheless, You don’t need to have an addiction diagnosis for playing video games to affect our relationships.between them, couples.

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Some causes

Psychologist Andrea Fernández, from , points out that the main causes of problems in couples as a result of video games are usually the following:

  • Withdrawal discomfort: when the couple feels disgust, anguish or similar when the game is interrupted or they haven’t played for some time and arguments usually arise.
  • Impossibility of self-control: when the couple can’t stop playing.
  • Daily activities: when activities at home, family or work begin to be affected by excessive gaming.
  • Disinterest: by stopping doing other types of activities that were previously enjoyed because of the game.

The specialist points out that the preference, addictive or not, for video games must be analyzed carefully, since it can be really a symptom of a different problemwhich is why it is good to address this problem through assertive communication with your partner or, later, with a therapist.

Some consequences:

Among the most frequent consequences that the psychologist points out are the following:

  • Fewer social relationships: Interpersonal interaction or isolation gives rise to arguments or relationship problems.
  • Lower work or academic performance: Whether due to the time dedicated to the game or the fatigue it entails, altercations can occur in that sense.
  • Abandonment of leisure as a couple: When the shared leisure activity is excessively reduced, problems usually arise.
  • Quality of life as a couple: There may be emotional wear and tear on the relationship.
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Possible solutions:

For the specialist, these problems with video games are often treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy, which implies the need to consult a therapist. Also suggest practices such as self-registrationto autonomously control time, goal delimitationthe reprogramming irrational thoughtsamong other.

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