A cure for broken souls reflection –

A cure for a broken soul For almost 2 months I have been creating a habit in which every morning I listen to a preach from a pastor to reflect spiritually and it has been wonderful, because many of us when we get up in the morning we do not give it time To God, it is possible that you are grateful for a new day but we are not connecting or reflecting. If we dedicate 10 or 15 minutes a day to doing this, we will be able to connect with God and today, the sermon had the same name that I have given to this podcast and it talked about broken souls. We are all broken, some more than others and it is precisely for this reason that we cannot judge because when we do we are assuming stories that we do not know if they are true and filling our minds and souls with poison; We are all sinners and as such we must reflect and heal our wounds, only then can we reconnect with the universe, heal the soul and love our neighbors and ourselves. A cure for broken souls that is the reflection of the day. Please, to view the content of your profile

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