My Book – I Say No More: I Say No More –

At 47 years old, I made the decision to raise my voice and tell the story of sexual abuse that I suffered when I was only 9 years old, a reality that affects millions of people in the Latin community and that in many cases, they manage to overcome it. trauma that leaves this scar.

For this reason I write the book #YoDigoNoMas, because I know first-hand the ups and downs that an episode of abuse can generate in a person, no matter their age, race, origin or color and because I was fortunate to find the tools that allowed me to change. my story is that of a powerful and successful businesswoman; tools that I want to share with you today.

This is a journey through my personal experience in which you can find a life testimony, recommendations to let go of guilt and exercises to heal the pain of abuse, among other gifts.

By purchasing this book you are supporting the NGO Yo Digo No Más, which seeks to raise its voice against sexual abuse and be a support organization for the mental and emotional treatment of survivors.

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