Your personality is not permanent –

Your personality is not permanent. I have been reading a book called Personality Isn’t Permanent by Benjamin Hardy and it talks about how people believe and there are studies that are done to understand each person’s personality but that in reality personality cannot be studied, because everything in Life changes, we change and what we were at the age of 10 or 20 is totally different from who we are today and this is because we think about the future, about what we want to be. For example, I wanted to be an executive and my mind and energy focused on what I wanted for my future; Many times we know what we don’t want and so we begin to invest our time, but if when reviewing the result of what you are now you believe that nothing better awaits you in your future, that you are not going to advance, you are not going to be professional, you are not going to to get a good job, that is what you are visualizing and what you are going to get in the future. You can re-evaluate and change your personality, it is a simple concept that is worked from the subconscious, if you stand in front of a mirror and say that you are a beautiful, intelligent person and repeat it daily you will reach a point where it You will believe and you will be able to overcome the barriers of your mind because this is an organ so powerful that you can even feel sick when there are really no diseases in your body. Today I invite you to reflect to understand that your current situation does not have to be permanent, with our mind we can change it. Please, to view the content of your profile

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