I have received a divine message, Reflection –

A divine message. Many times in our lives, God sends us messages through the people around us and we must learn to receive them; That happened to me just today when I had a conversation with a person I’ve known for 5 years and while we were talking about how things have changed, he told me that when he was driving this morning he thought of me and felt the need to tell me “put God first all the time.” the mornings”. She doesn’t know why that message came to her mind and my hair stood on end, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about; Those who have listened to me before know that I have a very defined routine in the mornings, I exercise, meditate, read and prepare for the day, but I felt that I was missing having that conversation with God and setting my day, my life and my mission in your hands from first thing in the morning. At this moment I feel mentally prepared and that is why this message came directly to me and for the same reason my reflection is: who is transmitting these messages to you and also, are you prepared to receive them? Let’s open our minds and our hearts to the messages that the Lord sends us; A divine message, that is the reflection of the day. , Please, to view the content of your profile

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