Why should you eat corn tortilla if you do intensive physical exercise?

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Exercise is an activity considered essential for a healthy life, both physically and emotionally. In fact, for Professor of Neuroscience at the University of California and editor-in-chief of BrainFacts.org, Nicholas Spitzer, exercise with sunbathing, forest bathing or earthing is ideal for the mind and body.

But physical activity not only requires body movement in a natural space, but also certain foods that provide the energy necessary for exercise and prevent the wear of bones, cartilage and joints. For the nutritionist from the Mexican College of Nutritionists and master in Food Sciences and Nutrition from the University of La Salle, Araceli Martínez Coronado, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary to protect bones and joints from the wear and tear of physical activity. and thus reduce the risk of suffering injuries, fissures, fractures, trauma, sudden stretching, etc.

Among the foods she recommends is corn tortilla, as it has a high content of fiber, calcium, niacin, folic acid, and vitamins A, B, C, D and E. This ancient Mexican food provides:

– Thickness, resistance and elasticity to muscles and tendons, which facilitates the formation of muscle tissues and fibers;

– strengthening bones, which helps recovery from a bone fissure or fracture;

– helps the formation of collagen and, therefore, the structure of bones and other components of the joint such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons;

– reduces the risk of suffering from osteoporosis and inflammation of the hip, shoulder, knee and hand joints;

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– and promotes good digestion so it does not encourage overweight or obesity;

– prevents like cancer.

According to Mario Enrique Rodríguez García, academic at the Center for Applied Physics and Advanced Technology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, “The tortilla is a miraculous and very important thing in the diet of Mexicans; I say it is the Mexican cow, because it cannot be explained any other way.” Not to mention that if you consume 200 to 400 grams of tortilla, “you are guaranteed at least 50 percent of the calcium you need in a day.”

In case you want to start integrating corn tortillas into your diet more, we share this delicious vegetarian recipe for hibiscus taquitos or Aztec tortilla soup.