What is in the wings of butterflies? (Photos)

Thanks to its beauty and its symbolism of rebirthbutterflies have been part of splendid anecdotes, stories and scientific theories. In various studies, attempts have even been made to analyze and understand both the body and life of these insects.

On the one hand, it is known that the membranous wings of butterflies are covered with veins and colored scales; and that in addition, to give tone to these extremities, butterflies use processes such as thermoregulation and signaling. On the other hand, the design of the wings of each of these animals It is unique and unrepeatable, so, in fact, the pattern of color and shape distinguishes each species of .

Among the people who have closely observed these tiny beings is the photographer Linden Gledhill, who surprisingly and microscopically captured the structure of butterfly wings. The artist explains that:

Some of the images were taken using a standard camera through the lenses of an old microscope. Next, I used an Olympus BH-2 microscope, with a StackShot. I also fitted the microscope with an LED light and a high-speed flash. Butterfly scales have many depths, and the microscope lens has very little for this type of case, so StackShot helped automate the entire image, taking the process as if it had the ability to do it step by step, as for each 2 micrometers between each image. Sometimes it took up to 80 photographs to take just one, using the process called stacking.

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Without further ado, we share with you the metallic and scaly wings of the fragile butterflies. It might surprise you that, deep down, they are not as delicate as they seem at first glance.