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What to do when psychologists, doctors, social services and etc.,,, believe the psychological abuser who also has recognized BPD. I feel doubly overwhelmed, harassing that a person who suffers what I do, DOES NOT GO TO ANYONE

Silvio Morales Calderon


I see that they only talk about women’s vulnerability, that’s why many men don’t talk about it, because they might say, out of shame.
I experienced many things in my relationship, now I see everything that happens,
First I take off my identity
Then I handed over all the financial matters (cards, payments, collections) to her,
I am no longer part of their meetings.
At home my decision stopped counting
I was ridiculed and had a complex about the size of my genitals, he gave me nicknames like the fat one, the potbellied one, the dog that I thought they were, he always questioned me saying, do you really need it?
When I started in carpentry, and I left my previous job, the first thing he said and you’re going to dedicate yourself to this. And many other things today in the divorce process she made me see myself as the culprit of everything like she always did, she made herself the victim in front of my friends and my family I feel so worn out, so humiliated



Hello, I have been undergoing depression treatment for more than a month since this has affected my health. Since I was little, I was psychologically abused by my mother and now by my husband, being down without money and with a small child, I don’t see the way out. The only thing that comes to mind is that I don’t even want to think about my son, so it doesn’t come together.



Hello, a week ago I realized that something in my life is not working, and I did not know what could happen to me even by imagination, I have been married for 25 years and I just realized that I am psychologically abused, I am very discouraged and I have even hit rock bottom. with the thought of taking my life, but all without knowing what was happening to me, and now, thank God, I have realized it and I don’t know what to do. I will try to gather courage by moving forward as I can, because I am very ashamed because I am a man. and on top of that I still love her “I’m very upset” and I think she does it but without knowing it systematically…..a hug and thank you for reading my comment.

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Get out of there… Whether consciously or unconsciously, if you think something is not right, don’t wait for this situation to take your life. You will get the peace of mind you need, I assure you because I went through it, cheer up.

Clarissa Roman


I have a situation in which a group of men where I live in Palladium Denton Texas, have made a chain on social media with slander and defamation. Not content with that, they put my face on pornographic photos and made them viral. What they model is either obsession or pure lack of shame… I opt for the second. And what do you advise me to do? I already notified the authorities.

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Hello. I came to this page because I don’t know what else to do, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been in a relationship with a 40-year-old man for a year. Since I met him he always had a very intense personality, we are both artists, he is a very well-known musician . I was 100% independent, I had my house that although humble, I lived in peace, I had my job, I was building my path in music, and that’s where it all began. He offered me a job opportunity at a music school, I accepted, then he offered me to live in his house and I accepted. At first I thought it was because he was interested in him, I told him that he had to go see my friends and he told me that he felt bad and that I should please stay with him. And so it happened, I was very active with my life, without bothering anyone, when we started working, he treated me like an assistant and it was hell, he verbally abused me, telling me that I was a shit machine, he yelled at me at school and The teachers, students and officials knew about it and at first he didn’t say anything, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t even drop a pencil on the floor when he yelled at me and hit the table telling me that I was stupid, stupid and that I was very clumsy.. I got tired and began to tell him not to talk to me like that, and the second phase began, he began to do the work on me in total, he did it 17 times and after 5 minutes he asked me to come back, bombarding my phone with many calls, If I didn’t answer, he would write to me on WhatsApp. He told me to go to hell and then he regretted it. After all, we had only been in a relationship for 3 months. His brother works at school and everyone noticed and told me that he had to be patient. The first time I moved from his house was last year because I am Colombian and he is Argentine and it was a friendly match between both countries and we watched it on TV, I made a joke that literally was: what’s up, we already won ( I told him this when I came back from buying food) for telling him that he did it to me at 3 am in the morning at his house, when I was about to leave he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the door of the office. Then for whatever reason he did to me, one Sunday, I got up and gave him kisses and a hug and he told me that I didn’t understand that he gets up in the morning in a bad mood and that while I want to kiss him he thinks about exhausting me because he He gets up and needs half an hour to wake up from his bad mood, that’s why I was done at noon with my things and I didn’t know where to go because I asked my friends for help and they all walked away from me because I was coming back to him. That Sunday they stole all my things on the street because I didn’t know where to go. and so many more episodes. He makes jokes about my body, I tell him my things in depth and he interrupts me, he was talking to girls and he came to tell me when from the beginning I told him that it is not necessary to put ideas in anyone’s head just to make me feel that I was not the one. only woman in his life. He started with physical attacks grabbing me by the neck, I asked everyone for help and I always went back to him and everyone stopped talking to me. He has an addiction to the phone and when I picked it up he told me that I was glued to the cell phone all day when I stopped talking to everyone because he told me that so to avoid conflicts I didn’t use it, I talked to my family and he interrupted me while she spoke. A lot has happened, on January 3 we had to play with a band and I started studying the lyrics when I saw on the computer the type of pornography that he watched (I clarify that I have no taboo with sexual self-stimulation) there were videos of my women being raped by animals and I was upset, he grabbed me by the neck and threw me on the couch, he slapped my arm to stop me from crying. and the next day the guilt. He says that he is cyclothymic and takes self-medicated clone. It happened a lot, a month ago he was very upset, he was exaggeratedly jealous of me with everyone to the point of being jealous of school students, the advertiser, the owner and they always approached me with respect.

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I totally agree with you, I have a similar case, I have been with my partner for 23 years, and I realized that from day one I was mistreated, since in order to have relations with him at the beginning he asked me for an HIV test ( Mind you, I’m not against this), but I think that if he were healthy we would both have done them, after time, he was very splendid with me, loving, protective, wonderful, however, he subtly distanced me from my friends, family telling me that I didn’t need a friend, I did have him, that my family wasn’t united, that they didn’t love me… things like that, by then I already had a little baby who wasn’t with him, but he treated him well, but he told me that I was not a good mother, like his mother, that I had to do this and that, coupled with the constant complaint by the other father, who did not support me, at the same time we had our first child together and followed by our first home, Everything was a disaster, he complained to me about the house, the children, the school, he told me that I was not a good mother, that I should not have children, because I did not know how to take care of him, that I should leave it to him, that he did know how to take care of him, raising him, and among so many attacks, came repentance, not expressing it with words, but as if nothing had happened, I have always been a hard-working, intelligent, compassionate woman, I almost never said no, always available. Later we had episodes where I found messages from women, and he got furious when I confronted him, telling me that it wasn’t true, that he would report me for violating his privacy, etc… we had another girl at the most critical moment of our relationship where she was already determined to leave her, 14 years have passed, and she is still like this, and now she is more aggressive than ever, accusing me of cheating, she still continues to make fun of me, my body, my lifestyle, what I eat, what What I see, my family and friends… I feel alone, I feel desperate, depressed, and sometimes I feel like I want to commit suicide, because I no longer know what to do with such a situation. I feel tired, without strength… to continue…

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Nsingi Jorge Weber


I am a Criminologist of Angolan nationality. For some time now I have dedicated myself to the study of femicide/Femicide in my country, taking into account that the situation is going from bad to worse and this article is very important for both professionals and students. Greetings to all and thank you very much. DrC. Nsingi Jorge Weber.



Good morning, I am communicating with you thanks to entering your page and discovering them, I believe I am a victim of psychological violence, and I need help! An ex-husband who handles the money, I recently went back to work. He always competes for our only daughter’s affection. He left us alone for 2 years and returned 3 years ago. Since then he constantly changes the rules of the game for me from being the most loving with us to being dark and moody about everything!! He usually spends several hours a day without speaking to me and even days! If I get sick, he gets more upset. He is not physically aggressive but with his attitudes of constant contempt towards me, more than once I thought about committing suicide because I can’t take it anymore!! But I look at my daughter and move on. I hope you can help me or guide me, apologies for the long email and thank you again for this space.



I would like to know if it is psychological abuse. I have been married for 30 years, my husband is still with another woman but I don’t know what happens in the house. He claims that he lacks money and blames me for everything. It’s not my turn. He sleeps in another room of the house. He arrives very late and sometimes he doesn’t even arrive. He uses my daughter to to open the door for you. I have voted for it several times and she insults me again saying that I am vindictive and that is why I vote for it. I want him to go away. What can I do, thank you.


Hello Genoveva,
I recommend that you go to a professional to help you manage your emotions and strengthen your self-esteem, since you are experiencing a complex situation. On the other hand, you could get advice on legal issues to know what options you have to prevent him from entering your home if you wish.



I have been married for more than 15 years and until now I realize that I have been psychologically abused, it is as if…