In medicine: “What is protecting humans in research” –

Research in humans must find a balance between scientific development and human rights, allowing the former to continue acting for the benefit of the latter.

It must have methodological and technical support and bodies of an ethical and legal nature that help to produce knowledge, with a high value of scientific truth, with respect for human dignity, social well-being and the balance of the planet.

“In the field of knowledge, as in all fields of human life in society, the dilemma between ´what one is able to do´ -power- and ´what must be done´ -duty- is one of crucial importance”, says the presbyter, Jose Octavio Lara, who will offer the conference “What is protecting humans in research?”, within the framework of the “Community Education Program, information for life”, which advances the Medical Center.

According to the priest, it is not a theoretical dilemma but a practical one: proof of this was, and we hope will never be again, the investigations that were carried out in the concentration camps, because it was possible to experiment, given that there was financial support , there was a wealth of prior knowledge, instruments had been built and suitable procedures designed for experimentation, and important questions related to human health were to be resolved, but without subjecting these experiments to the ethical question of whether they were empowered by higher principles of an ethical and moral nature to make them.

“That is why a reflection on knowledge is necessary. On its theoretical and practical modalities. On its methods of production, whether by contemplation or by investigation,” says Father Lara.

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And above all about those higher principles that frame knowledge and its production within ethical coordinates that seek to preserve life on the planet, contribute to the growth of order and the happiness of life in society and above all highlight the absolute value of human life and its inviolable dignity.

Father José Octavio Lara’s conference will be part of the “Fourth Human Research Workshop”, which will be held by the “Program for the Protection of Humans in Research”, on October 27, 2017.

“Participation in this event will be the opportunity to get closer to that little-known dimension of this and other health institutions, which deals with the production of knowledge through research that involves human beings,” says Dr. Nora Riani-Llano, Coordinator of the Research Ethics Committee.

Based on these reflections and to contribute to this discussion, the “Research Ethics Committee” of the C Doctor entered, has prepared a conference session around the question What is protecting humans in research?