Ideas to make homemade Christmas trees

The homemade christmas trees, are an excellent option to decorate the home when the holidays approach. The holidays begin days or even weeks before with the preparation of home decoration, which we can do with family, friends or spend some quality time alone. To be a little kinder to the environment this year we can do one at home, here are a few ideas.

Meaning of the Christmas tree

Its meaning was attributed by Saint Boniface in the 8th century. The Christmas tree announces the Messiah, a true tree of life that erases sin and brings reconciliation. It is a Christian symbolism that unites with the New Testament.

It is decorated with different elements, among which we can find: the star, the angel, the lights, the bows, pine cones, different ornaments, and cannot be missed, the Christmas gifts at the foot of the tree.

That the color of the tree is green is not a coincidence, since it is a symbol of life and hope, and that it is a pine is not a coincidence either, since its tip points to heavenly heights. Currently they can be used in different materials, this does not change their meaning since they continue to emulate an authentic tree.

Homemade Christmas trees

cardboard tree: Cardboard is a material made up of layers of recycled paper, so it is thick and easy to manipulate. This makes it an incredible option for crafts, since we can paint it, decorate it and cut it in different ways. You can also use the children’s homework cards during the semester; instead of throwing them away we would be giving them a second life. You will only need paper or cardboard, scissors and glue or a stapler to build these homemade Christmas trees.

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Styrofoam tree: This material is gaining popularity for making crafts because it is very light and easy to handle. So it is a good option to make Christmas trees at home and decorate them with paintings in the way you like best.

Christmas tree with photographs: Gather the photographs you like the most and a series of lights, place them on the wall simulating the figure of a tree and pass the series of lights between them. This way you can have a minimalist Christmas tree with a lot of meaning.

Tree with wood: You will need rectangular pieces of wood, you can arrange the wood on top of each other, giving them the shape of a tree and finally decorate it with lights, spheres or ribbons.

Tree with books: Gather the books you have at home, arrange them by levels to give the shape of a Christmas tree, try to match the size of the books on each level as much as possible. Finally, decorate with lights, spheres or the elements you most desire.

Remember that you can carry out these ideas for making homemade Christmas trees in the way you like best. The incredible thing about crafts is that we can let our imagination fly, and what better way to do it than to help by using recycled materials.