11 extraordinary things in nature that inspire human life

With vast experience in creating life, nature is itself exceptional. It is the planet’s response to the possible problems of life, which found how to adapt, evolve and survive. This is the most resilient way of life we ​​know so far. For this reason, science has tried to emulate nature.

Identifying those processes that would be carried out to be better, while respecting the environment: this is what biomimicry proposes, a scientific technique that seeks to emulate natural life, recognizing it as a mentor of evolution. According to this theory, science and technology have developed different human abilities that find inspiration in nature. These things are exactly what remind us how wonderful and useful a close connection with the environment can be.

11 things from nature that migrated to the human environment

Velcro and thistles

Raincoats and lotus leaves

Mussels and glue

Chairs and bones

Termite nest and building ventilation systems

A spider web and nylon thread

Fireflies and LED lights

Shark skin and a swimsuit

and fans

Snake fangs and hypodermic needle

and night vision

All of these elements of nature have functioned in different ways to inspire human actions and products. Like animals, we try to adapt and improve our abilities to survive the environment more easily. The advantage of nature is that it has achieved infinite evolution without technology or economic resources. It simply goes hand in hand with the elements that make it up.

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However, imitating natural mechanisms is not enough to be as intuitive as nature. It is necessary to recognize what surrounds us, our capabilities and limits. It is not possible to evolve if we are not willing to leave what has hurt us so much. Evolution is about finding a better version of ourselves, and when we are able to do that, we will be as resilient as wise nature.