How to prevent fractures in our older adults? –

With the passage of time, the calcium in our bones decreases, when
reaches adulthood that begins after the age of 65 may appear
diseases such as osteoporosis, which weakens our bones making them
brittle and prone to fractures.

Bone fractures are associated with a decrease in the quality of the
bone, in addition the risk is determined not only by factors
skeletal disorders, but also by risk factors that include instability
posture, physical and mental weakness and disorders related to falls,
as a consequence of this, they are more prone to fractures of the

Currently, the most frequent fractures in older adult patients are
radius, ulna, humerus, spine and especially hip, the latter occurs
due to the concurrence of a predisposing factor such as osteoporosis and a
precipitating factor that in 90% of cases is a fall, says the doctor
Gustavo Calvache, orthopedist and traumatologist at the Medical Center,
also ensures that it has been observed that the presentation of falls increases by
age and history of previous falls.

We share the following practical tips that can be adopted
to prevent falls in our older family members:

To climb stairs keep in mind:

● Turn on the lights in order to illuminate the passage through the stairs.
● Always use the handrails to go up and down the steps.
● It is important to observe that there is no type of object or obstacle in the
● Condition the stairs at home with non-slip bands.
● Wear comfortable shoes that fit well to go up, down steps
and to walk.

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Bathroom conditioning:

● Must have railings both in the toilet and in the shower area.
● Use non-slip mats in the shower.
● Make use of lights at night time, specifically.
● Addition of the toilet bowl or the duck chair.

Finally, in common areas keep in mind the following tips:

● Avoid using rugs in areas you walk frequently.
● Make use of adequate lighting in the areas of the home.
● Remove or relocate unnecessary obstacles and furniture.