9 beautiful hanging plants for indoors 🌿

Having hanging plants in the home provides more than just the beauty implicit in them. The accompaniment of a plant gives us calm, vitality, good health, clean air and, why not, an original decorative detail. In general, plants are wonderful and beautiful, but they could also have a more powerful effect on our mood if we place them inside our house.

It is not easy to find hanging plants for interiors, as they can sometimes be a bit in the way. However, when it comes to surrounding yourself with ferns or green bushes it is better to do it in a fun way. Hanging plants are an option to give a touch of elegance to the spaces in your home. If you are looking for some ideas of which hanging plants are ideal, pay attention to the following…

9 indoor hanging plants

1 Pearl necklace

If what you want is a small plant, the pearl necklace is ideal. The small balls on its branches do not grow too much, so it will not require as much space around it.

2 Maiden Fern

This discreet fern does not have such large leaves. Its small size will help prevent the leaves from falling from heights, plus it only needs a little spraying to stay bright green.

3 Baby tear

Continuing with small plants, baby’s tear is a plant from the Pilea family. This hanging pot stands out for its large fluffy foliage that, if left to grow, will cascade down.

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4 Boston Fern

If you want the leaves of your hanging plant to be large and leafy, you can start by hanging a Boston fern. This plant requires a humid environment, so we recommend that you do not place it near a window.

5 English Ivy

The leaves will begin to fall from the pot if you choose a common or English ivy. This member of the list of hanging plants looks extraordinary thanks to the fact that its twigs fall in a spiral. Plus, it doesn’t need as much light to stay happy.

6 Philodendron

You will be able to observe the very beauty in the leaves of the philodendron. This plant sheds its greenish and white leaves around the container where you place it. It is very easy to care for and grows so quickly that you won’t notice when the leaves touch the ground.

7 Arrowhead Vine

The vine is a hanging plant that tangles easily. The only drawback with this beautiful, moisture-loving plant is that it is toxic to dogs and cats. If your pets love to nibble on plants you should avoid the spike vine, but if you don’t have companions you should definitely have it in your home.

8 Bird’s Nest Fern

Ferns are perfect plants to place all over your roof. Among them is the bird’s nest fern, which has curly leaves that change according to the light they receive.

9 Spider Plant

With its pointed leaves that wrap around the pot, the plant is an option if you don’t want large branches falling from heights. This plant enjoys being near windows and only needs to be watered once or twice a week.

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